Looking for your next Event? Or maybe a space for your awesome Teambuilding events? Or perhaps you are just looking for a quick and stylish event solution for your workshops and product launches? Nebula is here for you! Our spacious and colourful event space can accommodate up to 80 people on an hourly, half-day or full-day basis. Just contact our dedicated front desk and tell us your demands, and we’ll ensure that your experience with us is a pleasant one.

Conferences, Panel Discussions, Interactive Classes, Teambuilding and Offsite Activities, Brainstorming Sessions, Private Functions, Fashion Shows, Corporate Events, and More!
Tired of the constant need to find a quiet & suitable place to do your work? Or maybe you’re gearing up for that crucial presentation but you don’t have the available meeting space?

Worry not! Nebula is here to help you! From hourly, half-day or even full-day rental of our meeting rooms, we offer a quiet and peaceful place for you to get your work done as well as our meeting table and chairs is made of cardboard and eco-friendly. Top it off with our in-house café that provides you the much-needed boost of caffeine to keep you going! And if you need assistance, our friendly and professional staff will be able to satisfy your needs and ensure that you can focus solely on your work.
If you are starting a business for the first time or expanding to a new location, a Virtual Office may be a better option than a physical office. Feel the freedom of working anywhere as our dedicated team of friendly and professional staff will manage your mails and phone calls. You'll be notified instantly when we receive Mails or Parcels for you, and your phone messages are instantly sent to you & mails can be forwarded to you wherever you're.
Perhaps the event space and meeting room is too big and you prefer a smaller yet more customized option, then the Hot Desk is for you!
All you need is your laptop and the necessities and you’ve got your own workstation! And not forgetting the high-speed internet connectivity that we provide just for you!
With the Hot Desk, you will share your office space with others. Socializing have never been easier!
Do you not like sharing your desk with others? Tired of randomly changing your workstation now and there?

Then the Fixed Desk is for you!
You will have your own fixed desk in an office shared with others. It even comes with a drawer we know you’ll like to store your things and of course, we're not forgetting about high-speed internet connectivity.
If you need a more private space for your office meetings, or maybe a business proposal to your prospectus, then the Private office space is the right choice!

Enclosed within a shared office workspace, the private suite comes in multiple sizes to suit every business needs. Seating capacity ranges from 1-6 pax with various configurations.
Nebula respects working mothers and their need for privacy. Hence the breastfeeding room offers lactating mothers a private space for them to work, as well as a refrigerator to store their breast milks to keep it fresh for their young ones.
Are you too focused on work and forget about your empty stomach? Or maybe you just need a cup of coffee to help boost your day? Or are you just craving for something to chew on?

Then Nebula’s in-house café is the place for you. Get your daily dose of caffeine or quick.
Why bring your own food when you can snack in Nebula’s pantry? Our pantry offers unlimited flow of drinking water, coffee and tea to fulfil your beverage needs. We even throw in a couple of different snacks for you to choose!
All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. We need to unwind now and then so that we can strive better in our work.
Nebula’s play area offers the perfect space for you to relax. Pick your choice of pool or futsal, or maybe a game or two on our PS4!
What are you waiting for? Head on over to our play area with your colleagues or a new business contact now! Who knows, you might even score something else.
When things start to get rough, perhaps you should take a breather. Breathe in the fresh air and feel the windy breeze by stepping onto our outdoor space!
Light a puff or vape to your heart’s content while looking at the beautiful scenery at Nebula.
The rest area is perfect for those who wishes to just swing around and relax in our hanging chair.
Let your inner child wild by swinging it on our comfy little green chair.
Are you having droopy eyes? Or maybe youjust had a heavy lunch or feeling overwhelmed from work?
Come take a much-needed rest in our nap room to recharge. We’ll ensure that you will be energized and ready to go after the short comfy nap.
If you need to be away for some time but worry about your belongings, fret not!
Nebula provides rows of lockers, so that you can safely tuck away your jacket, gym bag or other belongings before finding the day’s workspace at a quiet table or roam around the city.
What is an office space without office equipment?
In Nebula, we provide business-class printers, scanners, copiers and other office equipment to accommodate your everyday work requirements.
One of Nebula core services is that we believe the importance of continuous learning and training.
We established a mentoring programme where experienced mentors from all walks of life organize talks, seminars and training courses to coach young entrepreneurs and start-ups on business.
We also conduct social and networking sessions for our members so that they are able to extend their businesses further.
Nerds Up with our reading area in Nebula, where we offer various reading materials for you to unleash your inner geek.
Relax on our sofas and beanies to read or just fill your social needs.
The perfect solution for those who require a flexible workspace with comfortable open seating and access to shared amenities and vibrant common areas. Simply grab your work essentials, pick a spot and get started on doing some of your best work

Our friendly, professional and dedicated team of front desk staff are ready to service your every need every Mon to Fri from 9am to 6pm, and from 10am to 4pm on Saturdays.

Are you out of data? Or perhaps tired of the mediocre WiFi speed at other place?
Enjoy our 100Mbps high speed unlimited internet for free at Nebula!
All mail and packages will be kept secure until you are ready to collect them or have them forwarded to your preferred address.

To make the most out of meetings or events,event tools are required to make it successful. 
Hence, Nebula provides various tools to help enhance your business presentation to prospectus. Everything from whiteboard ith eraser to built-in overhead projector and screen, LCD TV, standard PA system and even flipchart with assorted markers are available at the event space.
We even prepared a green screen for entrepreneurs who wants to make a video shoot at our colourful space, or YouTube wannabes looking for the perfect spot for next YouTube hit.
In Nebula, you will never have to cry over spilled milk, because our cleaning service will ensure that our office spaces are squeaky clean. Not even a spot of dust can be found here!
Nebula Cowork Space are fully committed to our members’ safety. It is our duty to ensure our members can work in a safe environment. Our 24/7 CCTV captures any unwanted intruders and send the alarm bells ringing to alert our staff of any unwelcome situations.

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